Clicky Draft is a web based fantasy draft board application that can be easily accessed through a browser.

Mobile Friendly

The draft board will resize itself based on the size of the screen. Mobile devices have access to all the same features as a desktop.

Player Rankings

Player rankings are provided. Players can be sorted by overall or positional rankings. Drafted players can also be toggled on and off from the player ranks view.

Chat Room

Each league has it's own chat room. Any member that has joined the league is able to send messages.


The commissioner set up snake or standard drafts, set the number of rounds, add/remove teams, change the league's display name and more.

Premium drafts can customize the roster settings including starters, min/max, default colors, and which positions are allowed.


You can access your current or old drafts at any time. You can even take your time during your draft. If your league requires a month to complete a draft, that isn't a problem.


Mistakes happen, and when they do the owner of the pick or commissioner can easily correct it. If someone accidentally make the wrong pick, they can undo it.

Updated Players

Players are updated daily so you don't have to worry about keeping up with the frequent personnel movement that happens.


Timers are available to help control the pace of the draft. The timer can be paused indefinitely by the commissioner, and can have its duration adjusted at any time. Timers are a premium feature.


The commissioner can start a keeper round before the actual draft, allowing teams to enter their own keepers. Teams are able to select a player in any of their available picks. Keepers are a premium feature.

Upgrade Trials

Each product upgrade has a two round trial that anyone can sign up for. These trials have all the same features as the full version with the only exception being that the draft is limited to two rounds.

Status Indicators

Each team will have an indicator on the draft board showing whether they are signed in, away, or inactive.